About Us

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson has been a programmer for over 20 years. He has been helping startups, mature organizations, and Fortune 100 companies deliver transformational outcomes. In addition to his work at Johnson Software Solutions He is currently Vice President of Corporate Solutions for Northwestern Mutual (Fortune 100) where he leads a technology organization of over 350+ Engineers, Integrators, Product Managers, DevOps, and Operational teams. Focus on HR, Campus & Events, Strategic Philanthropy, Financial Management, Enterprise Risk Assurance & Management, Compliance, Law, Government Relations, Privacy, Intranets (Field & Home Office), and Communications. Chris also leads the Managed Investments technology organization including Public Investments, Northwestern Mutual Capital, Real Estate, Investment Strategy, Mason Street Advisors, Investment Risk & Operations, and Investment Accounting. Previous to Northwestern Mutual he was the Head of Digital Transformation and SVP of Digital Application Solutions & Delivery for a Citizens Financial Group (Fortune 500 Financial Services Company). Chris's responsibilities included the following functions/outcomes:

    • Led digital delivery organization (include matrix teams) with clear OKRs and Operational Excellence metrics

    • Led all aspects of solution and technical delivery (Experience Design, Architecture, Front End Engineering, Backend Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Platform Engineering, Testing, SRE)

    • Led FinTech & Accelerate programs to identify new and innovative ways of solving problems

    • Increased Production Deployments by 780% (1.5 production deployments per day) in first 3 months of new platform

    • Increased change/success rate by 140% into production in first 3 months of new platform

    • Increased Engineer/Developer productivity by 50% by leveraging new architectures, programming languages, and integrating tools and process into daily work

    • Dramatically improved security by adding modern tokenization, programmable authentication and biometrics, enhanced fraud detection tools, enhanced cryptography and management tools, CI/CD scanning tools, and creating new patterns that can be leverage by all the enterprise

Chris is a key driver of the Cloud strategy. He is driving development teams and companies to adopt cloud based architecture. Driving learning, building, and operating in a continuous delivery mindset in the Cloud (AWS). When not helping large organizations with their transformational work chris is busy leading Johnson Software Solutions by doing the following:

    • Led full service software development and consulting company including business development, contract negotiation, partner relations, vendor management and software delivery process.

    • Created successful partnerships with media and creative firms to deliver results for customers. Most recently completed a Software As A Service (SAAS) platform to help homeowners associations manage their communities. We’ve helped a plastics manufacturing and distribution company increase online sales by 300%. We have also created award winning educational software for an e-learning startup company.

    • Led the creation of over 40 successful applications for startups and mature companies in the manufacturing, ecommerce, financial services, auction, crowdfunding, event management, education, association, medical, real-estate, and food services industries.

    • Led Infrastructure services including cloud strategy and hosting. Utilization of multiple Cloud providers including AWS, Digital Ocean, Rackspace Cloud Servers, and Heroku.

    • Led operational services including application health, monitoring, and technical support.

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson is an award winning Teacher, Programmer, and Electrical Engineer. She is an Electrical Engineering graduate of Villanova University. Christine co-founded Johnson Software Solutions over 15 years ago. Christine has built many of the content management systems that Johnson Software Solutions (a.k.a. JohnsonWebApps) has deployed. Christine's most recent projects include a crowd funding site with WePay integration, a SAAS(Software As A Service) application, and an e-commerce application with customer based pricing. She is teaching Computer Science in a Technical High School. Christine also has vast project management experience from holding engineering and project management positions from EMC Corp and Massachusetts Electric Co.(now National Grid). She has been recently focused on learning and teaching the following technologies:

    • Ruby On Rails

    • Python

    • Robotics

    • Virtual Reality